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In the summer of 1991, the ASIAN LEARNING CENTER was founded by spouses Gregorio and Louella D. Magdadaro, as a preparatory school in a rented two-storey building which also served as the administration building at 257 R. dela Serna Street. It had an initial enrolment of ONE HUNDRED SEVEN (107) children.


In 1992, the school expanded its wings for the Elementary Course at Sacred Heart Village with an initial enrolment of FORTY-SEVEN (47) pupils. In February 9, 1992, the school became a corporation and was renamed as Asian Learning Center, Inc (ALCI) after the Securities and Exchange Commission approved its Articles of Incorporation.

In 1995, the school transferred to a four-storey building along Sangi Road. Mrs. LESLIE D. ABELLO was designated as the school’s Officer-In-Charge prior to 

Mrs. MENAS LASMARIAS’ appointment as the first principal.

School Year 1997-1998 was the school’s crowning glory after it achieved eleven (11) milestone: 1. It produced the Asian Gazette & Asian Herald through

T. Jonebert, the school’s official publication; 2. It produced the pioneering forty-five (45) elementary graduates which was conferred by Dr. Caridad C. Labe; 3.

It produced Glimpses through T. Eugene Calingacion its official yearbook; 4. The Computer Education Program was integrated into the school’s curriculum to cope up with the recent academic trends; 5. Opening of the Pajac Branch with Pre-School as its initial offering; 6. ALC Hymn with lyrics by Jonebert O. Garsula and music by Obette G. del Rosario; 7. The Supreme Student Council was organized by T. Jonebert with Diane Sullano as its first president; 8. Dionne Sullano won fourth (4th ) place in editorial writing during Regional Schools.


Press Conference held in Tagbilaran Bohol with coach Jonebert Garsula; 9. Dionne Sullano joined the National School Press Conference competition which was held in Tangub City, Misamis Occidental; 10. Writers’ Club was the first student organization organized; and 11. Finally, Dr. Ramona L. Regis the Assistant Elementary Division Chief, DepED Region VII, served ALC as its principal up to the present.


The elementary course was granted its Certificate of Government Recognition (No. 01 s. 2002) in October 2002 duly signed by Dr. Carolina B. Mordeno, DepED R07 Regional Director.


In S.Y. 1998-1999, Secondary Course was opened. It was granted its Certificate of Government Recognition (No. 01, s. 2003) in March 2003 duly signed by Dr. Carolino B. Mordeno, DepEDRO7 Regional Director.


In March 2006, ALC Kinderland – the school’s pre-school education building-was constructed. Its construction commenced within the vicinity of the old main campus at 257 R. Dela Serna St., which was also the school’s Administration Building.


In March 5, 2015, the Secondary Level was granted an ESC Certification Status by the Fund Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) now Private Education Council (PEAC).


In March 2016, ALC was granted SHS Provisional Permit No. 04, s. 2016 for Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM). Subsequently, ALC was granted SHS Temporary Permit No. 054, s. 2017 for General Academic Strand (GAS); Humanities and Social Science (HUMSS); Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and lastly, TVL- Information and Communication Technology.


In addition, the Pre-School Course was granted Government Recognition No.11,s 2006 on the 12th  day of March 2017 This was signed by Dr. Carolino Mordeno, DepED Regional Director.

We envision Asian Learning Center as an exemplary Christian School of life-long learners which upholds:

      * Provide every learner the opportunity to receive quality Christian Education;

      * Produce Christ-like leaders who are compassionate for others; and

      * Enable our students to reach out to their neighbors and the world for Jesus.

Asian Learning Center will:

      * Empower every learner to fulfill God's purpose;

      * Provide Holistic Christian Education (HCE) for learners across cultures to become Christ-like;

      * Transform learners to become innovative in responding to the needs and challenges of the   

         changing world.

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